Runestorm Map-Pack 1


Medium for 2-8 players
Play Styles

This is the first map pack that Runestorm releases. It contains 7 maps; 6 DM and 1 ONS, specially made for the Ballistic Weapons/JunkWars mods.

Maps included are:

DM-DC-Beach - A medium sized, front-line, assault map, good for teamplay matches.

DM-DC-Canal - A medium-large, covered, war-zone style deathmatch map, very good for teamplay.

ONS-RS-Limbo - A large, Onslaught map, with several link setups, and all official vehicles.

DM-SB-Gaurdian - An older DM map, that came with v1.5 of Ballistic Weapons. Small, ancient arena.

DM-SB-Depot - An Older DM map, that came with v1.5 of Ballistic weapons. Small, rainy, mech arena.

DM-RSJW-Serpent - A JunkWar arena, set in a far-east setting. It came with the first release of JunkWar.

DM-RSJW-Perdition - A small JunkWar arena, set on a fiery island in a sea of burning lava.

DM-RSJW-Frigid - A small JunkWar arena, in a cold, snowy setting, with slight cover.

Important Note: This Pack requires the ECE Bonus Pack. Players should probably have the latest UT2004 patch as well. Most of these maps were designed for our mods, Ballistic Weapons and JunkWar, so for the best gameplay possible, its best to get hold of them too :D

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 8/28/2006
    • Added: 9/30/2006

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