Community Tribute Classic Pack 3


Medium for 2-16 players
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We've all put blood, sweat and tears in Volume 3 of the popular CTC Mappack. After working on the maps for almost a year (the previous volume was released in december of 2004) we've finished what we have started. The CTC Mappack or Community Tribute Classic Mappack if you want it's full name was started by a bunch of Unreal Tournament enthusiasts and was ment to be contribution to what once was the most popular FPS game, we've done it with 3 mappacks!

Don't be on the lookout for a 4th volume since Volume 3 is the last volume in the CTC Series. It's time to blow the candle out, the one of the CTC Series. Our entire team hopes you enjoy this third and last volume and that have already enjoyed the previous volumes.

This time everyone was able to finish their map(s). The estimated time of arrival was set for the Summer of 2005. It was clear that nobody was able to finish their map by then so it got moved to September of 2005, and even that was too hard to reach. So since then the release date was when it's done. It's done! Have fun!

The maps included in this pack are :

CTF-CTC-Bparos by Nikita "niX" Pigalov
CTF-CTC-Lurid2 by MortalPlague
CTF-CTC-Thadaus by Rob -=FraGnBraG=- Burns
CTF-CTC-WarpCore by Rob -=FraGnBraG=- Burns
DM-CTC-Croon][ by Lucas "L.J.Paranoid" Hassen
DM-CTC-DevilVolcano][ by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron
DM-CTC-Eldora by Cedric "Derdak2rot" Pierron
DM-CTC-Iraar by Christian "Swanky" Ahlborn & Roberto "Homeslice" Tobar
DM-CTC-Ravencross by HortonsWho
DM-CTC-Swoon by Lucas "L.J.Paranoid" Hassen
DOM-CTC-China_Town by Will "Uncle_Bob" Creighton
DOM-CTC-TheBishopsPalace by Tex "TexasGtar" Brown

Important notes:

In order to be able to play all of the included maps you have to have all the bonus packs for Unreal Tournament installed.


This update fixes some serious ICH and bug issues that were found upon initial release.

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 11/5/2005
    • Added: 11/7/2005
  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/2/2005
    • Added: 11/4/2005

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