Community Tribute Classic Pack 2


Large for 2-16 players
Play Styles

Volume 2 of the Unreal Playground Community Tribute Classic map pack includes 18 maps: 2 Assault, 5 Capture the Flag, 8 Deathmatch, 2 Domination and 1 Jailbreak for Unreal Tournament.

The maps included in this pack are :

AS-CTC-Dimension - Francis "Fritz-X" De Block and Joe "Professor" Hall
AS-CTC-Midnightprophecy - Tex "TexasGtar" Brown and Joe "Professor" Hall
CTF-CTC-2fast2furious - Patrick "KillRoy" Buijs
CTF-CTC-BT-A1breakout - Nick "niXobl" Pigalov
CTF-CTC-DeathScape - Ronald "Phant00m" Houtermans
CTF-CTC-Inurbanity - Yanick "CyberSirius" Letourneau
CTF-CTC-Trigger - Yanick "CyberSirius" Letourneau
DM-CTC-AlpineCrimbo2004 - Will "Uncle_Bob" Creighton
DM-CTC-Astral - "Sarevok"
DM-CTC-Caractacus - "HortonsWho"
DM-CTC-Deadly Worship - Rob "FraGnBraG" Burns
DM-CTC-Disconnect - Andrew "Evil_Blue_Dude" Jenner
DM-CTC-Fossor - Roberto "Homeslice" Tobar and Andrew "Evil_Blue_Dude" Jenner
DM-CTC-Phacoid - Nils "Flying_Killer" Croes
DM-CTC-QuickSilver - Roberto "Homeslice" Tobar
DOM-CTC-Techfoundry - Rich "GroundZero" Edwards
DOM-CTC-EBD-LostCity- Andrew "Evil_Blue_Dude" Jenner
JB-CTC-Nix - Nick "niXobl" Pigalov

Note: JailBreak maps included in the pack required the JailBreak UT mod.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/20/2004
    • Added: 11/4/2005

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