About Mapraider.com

Mapraider is a community database for sharing custom created gaming content for popular 3D first-person games. Maps are added to the system by the site's members and administrators and each map is cataloged for easy searching, presented with multiple screenshots and available on multiple download mirrors.

The site has been running for over 10 years and has cataloged thousands of user-created maps. Register an account today and submit your own maps or your favorites.

If you've got questions, please see the F.A.Q. or contact us for more information.

What makes Mapraider so special?

Here are some highlights as to why we consider Mapraider the best map catalog and community site on the web:

  • No Link Rot

    Old links to your maps that you posted on your favorite gaming site 5 years ago still work today. And if the map has been updated since then, Mapraider will automatically help your fans get the latest release.

  • Screenshots For All

    Every map is guaranteed to have a screenshot, often more than three. No exceptions.

  • Deep Categorization

    Filter by game system, game types, genres, map size, play styles, the number of supported players, tags and more.

  • Polished UI

    Careful attention to detail to make the site be the best at showcasing the maps themselves, and making them easy to find and filter.

  • Multiple, Reliable Download Mirrors

    Every map is available for download on our three mirrors and many maps have links to even more.

  • Pingback/Trackback/Refback Support

    Links to other sites discussing your maps can automatically show up on your map pages so you can see what people are saying.

  • Tools For Authors

    Promotional tools, version control for automatic update notices to gamers who've downloaded your maps, revision history, automatic redirects to latest versions, private beta testing lets you host your test versions for download and discussion on an invite-only basis, detailed live statistic of map activity, link aggregation and more.

  • Tools For Gamers

    Integration with social sites, customizable news feeds for game systems you play, automatic new version notices for maps previously downloaded, favorite author release notices, and more.

  • Completely Free

    Submit, host and download for free. Many features even work without registration.