UT99.org 512kb mappack


Small for 2-8 players

The UT99.org 512kb mapping competition was held from October to December of 2014 and included submissions from a variety of talented authors all building maps to be within 512kb in total file size.

Participants in the contest voted and determined that there were two overall winners: DM-512K-CarpathianNightmare-V2 by Memsys and DM-512K-Sonder by TomcaT112.

An additional gamers choice award was also voted by the community:

1st Place: CTF-512K-CostaDelw00t by TheRoel-R
2nd Place: DM-512K-Sonder by TomcaT112
3rd Place: DM-512k-1on1-FastPaced by Rtg

All 32 CTF, DM and DOM maps submitted for the competition are included in this map pack and are as follows:

CTF-512K-ArcaneEnigma_v1 by FraGnBraG
CTF-512k-Belacruev1 by Jay2
CTF-512k-Caliginous-V2 by {S.o.W}DeathMask and Memsys
CTF-512K-CostaDelw00t by TheRoel-R
CTF-512k-Courtyard by Whitey
CTF-512K-Gravo_V2 by Rocky
CTF-512K-Gravo by Rocky
CTF-512K-HallOfMidgets_v1 by FraGnBraG
CTF-512K-In_A_Cave by Chamberly
CTF-512K-Ioneye-v2 by Sinnical
CTF-512K-Isotope42-V3 by Memsys
CTF-512K-Kaylonv2 by Rocky
CTF-512K-MeinKraft by Memsys
CTF-512k-Ratchetv2 by Jay2
CTF-512K-RooftopRage_v1 by FraGnBraG
CTF-512K-Templeness by Whitey
CTF-512K-TheBeatGoesOn_V5a by FraGnBraG
DM-512k-1on1-FastPaced by Rtg
DM-512k-1on1-WarmupParty[FIXED] by Rtg
DM-512K-Aquarius by Sinnical
DM-512k-Ataraxia by {S.o.W}DeathMask
DM-512k-Atriumv1 by Jay2
DM-512K-CarpathianNightmare-V2 by Memsys
DM-512k-IronGuard by {S.o.W}DeathMask
DM-512K-KJ-Ciudad by KingJosh
Dm-512k-OoeyGooey by Whitey
DM-512K-Sonder by TomcaT112
DM-512K-StalwartBasementv2 by Chamberly
DM-512K-Thunderdome by Waste
DM-512k-Vjenceslav by Cro_xt
DOM-512K-DropZone_v2 by FraGnBraG
DOM-512K-Qesh by Hellkeeper

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/19/2015
    • Added: 4/27/2015

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