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Thinking about a third mappack we were unsure about picking up the gametype since we already had CTF and DM. We were tired of picking these, and so we decided to give you a bunch of Domination maps:

DOM-FoT-Alderon by Swanky
DOM-FoT-Creole by Hostile
DOM-FoT-Icelus by Rakiayn
DOM-FoT-ShaderX by Derdak2Rot
DOM-FoT-WateryFowls by SabbathCat
DOM-FoT-Xenora by Swanky and Derdak2Rot
DOM-FoT-Xyphob by XYZ

Included in this package is a small weapons mutator by Professor and Wolf that changes the PulseGun to the PlasmaGun and the Minigun to the Stinger 2.0. See what they can do!

Also included is a mutator by SabbathCat and Switch: the enhanced Domination Points, which will give you the mappacks enhanced Points to every DOM map you like! Mappers should have a look at this as well as it allows usage of special lights and eventtriggers in your maps.

Changes since v1:

- EnhancedDomination mutator has been renamed

- Replaced shieldbelt with body armor
- Added a healthpackage to Six Feet Under CP
- Added 3 healthvials to Lost Hope CP
- Added 3 ammopacks to Lost Hope CP
- Added ripper in area near Damage Amp
- Moved 2 healthpackages near Loneliness CP a little to avoid getting into deadends
- Found/killed one bsp error near Lost Hope CP

- Enhanced theme with different skybox, lighting and many new details
- Reduced camping options

- Bots now get super items
- A few ammopacks have been moved a little
- A flickering effect has been changed to subtlepulse
- The new custommade musictrack has been changed a bit

- GES moved to PulseGun's position
- PulseGun is now close to Observation CP
- Bots use Observation CP more often
- A door has been added to Observation CP to provide better cover for defenders
- Ground texture on terrain has been changed

- A few fixes for less occlusion errors
- A few new decos have been added

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 10/3/2006
    • Added: 10/6/2006
  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/26/2006
    • Added: 9/27/2006

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