Mapraider RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is simply a way to subscribe to websites, and elements of websites, that you'd like to receive on an ongoing basis. Mapraider offers RSS feeds for the entire site, specific sections, specific users, and the search terms of your choice. Below you'll find links to the XML for major feeds to the site, but there are plenty of others. Just look for the RSS symbol RSS Icon as you navigate the site.

Of course, you'll need an RSS reader. Don't have one? Try Google's. Or, if you use Firefox, you can use the built-in RSS feature called Live Bookmark. On any page, click the RSS icon RSS Icon in the Status Bar and select the format you prefer.

Browse/Search Feeds

You can create an RSS feed based on specific browsing or search terms. If any new map added to Mapraider matches your specifications, it will appear in that custom feed. First, browse or do a search using the box at the top of any page. Then click the RSS icon on the search results page.

User Feeds

If you're into a particular Mapraider member, you can subscribe to his or her submissions, ratings, or both. First, locate the profile. (Either select one of your friends' profiles, which is linked to yours, or enter the address manually: Then click the RSS icon near the top of the profile.