w00t Competition pack


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Capture The Flag
Medium for 2-10 players
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Move on 5 Months from the original release, and I invited the Unreal Playground members to get involved in the w00t with a little competition. There were some inspirational entries, and it was tough work deciding on a winner, ending up taking a second round of voting after a tie between Hort's 2Boxes and IronBlayde's Ironw00t on the first. However there could be only one w00t, and IronBlayde took the prize of $50 and a one off EXTREMEw00t T-shirt.

Included in this pack:

2 big boxes by HortonsWho
Fast&w00t by KillRoy
Fly though the w00t by Rakiayn
Freeze your w00ts by Snoop
Iron w00t by IronBlayde
Valley of w00ts by Ironblayde
W00tamitsu by Snoop
W00t goes UP by HortonsWho
W00t invaders by CyberSirius

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/30/2006
    • Added: 7/21/2007

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