Game Types
Small for 2-4 players
Play Styles
1on1, Close Quarters

The Sateca Research Vessel on the ground of the ocean should have been destroyed to hide away all clues of a telefrag incident down here. Liandri's experts somehow managed to infiltrate the team that was sent down to place the bombs and rescue this facility for the Tournament.

I was contracted by to improve and fix DM-Sateca by Samuel 'SamRo' Korn for them to use in competitive and paid tournaments. After one month, 200 hours of build time done solely by me and uncountable hours of play testing done by the top UT2004 players DM-Sateca-SE was finished. Cluex even hosted a Sateca-only "Captain of Sateca" cup just before the final release. I tried to keep the quality as high as possible during the whole process and improved all aspects of the map so that both competitive and casual players can enjoy it. However skilled players can truly do incredible stuff on this map. I would like to thank ShX, the owner of Cluex, as well as skAven, the one and only Mr. Captain of Sateca, for their extensive feedback and test sessions. We iterated over many ideas to improve gameplay which was a lot of fun. A shout out goes to all beta testers and cup attendees as well. Cheers guys, this would not have been possible without you! Released with permission from Samuel 'SamRo' Korn.

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Revision History

  • v2.1
    • Released: 3/11/2014
    • Added: 3/10/2014
    • Changes:
      • Fixed teleporters which sometimes stopped working after 2.0
  • v2.0
    • Released: 3/7/2014
    • Added: 3/10/2014
    • Changes:
      • Changed position of vials and health packs
      • Replaced one Minigun ammo pickup with a Link Gun ammo pickup near elevator to Shield
      • Removed one Lighting Gun ammo pickup near Super Shield
      • Added one Assault Rifle ammo near Link Gun
      • Added third entrance to Super Shield
      • Added fourth possible way to Shield
      • Added some more jump possibilities by modifying geometry and collisions
      • Added new lift static meshes which now supports moving Goo of the Bio Rifle too
      • Added more player spawns and moved some
      • Added triggered sounds on water puddles and the dodge ramp
      • Added metal surface sound for stairs and ramps
      • Added water entry splash sounds
      • Added zone naming
      • Added new emitters and improved/fixed old ones
      • Added fixed ambient sounds
      • Added environmental sound effect support (EAX)
      • Improved, fixed and redid lots of collisions (players no longer get stuck on some collisions, walljumps now everywhere possible, per pixel weapon fire collision, players now collide with static meshes)
      • Improved lighting, made it better illuminated and brighter, changed the colors and highlighted the shield areas
      • Improved visual distinctions to help not get lost
      • Improved visibility due to tweaked zone fog
      • Improved usability of teleporters by moving one, changing them into big portals and implementing own teleporter code
      • Improved performance
      • Improved and fixed lighting coronas
      • Improved and fixed bot pathing (smoother and faster, support for jumps and dodge jumps, being able to reach both shields and also the health packs in the water)
      • Improved position of static meshes and moved/removed/replaced some obstructing ones
      • Improved height of some ceilings
      • Improved shield base visuals
      • Improved visual clutter on low world detail settings
      • Improved and replaced a few textures/shaders
      • Improved amount of texture references
      • Fixed player velocity, rotation pitch, FPS drops and implemented relative destination position on using the teleporters by writing a custom teleporter actor
      • Fixed static mesh lighting issues by fixing the normals on the static meshes
      • Fixed misplaced/missing visuals and BSP which also resulted in an incorrect zone
      • Fixed alignment of many actors
      • Fixed culling of some static meshes and emitters
      • Fixed lift collision, wait time and sound
      • Fixed some texture compressions
      • Fixed texture alignments
      • Fixed skybox in shark area
      • Fixed blurry preview screens when using low world detail settings
      • Fixed reflection map showing a different map
      • Fixed countless other issues
      • Lots of other small changes
      • Not a single shark was harmed during the creation of this map

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