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OSM Adventure
Huge for 1 player
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Part two of the OSM-Nocturne series of single player maps.

Note: Although not completely necessary, you should have played part one of this series, OSM-Nocturne.

This map makes use of the Old Skool Monsta Toolz by SuperApe. This is a toolset designed to allow mappers to implement monsters in any gametype, including OSM Adventure, a story-driven singleplayer and cooperative gametype. OSMT is small enough to be distributed with maps and is included. Full easy installation instructions contained within.

* A voice-led single player adventure for Unreal Tournament 2004!
* Five custom music files
* Custom sound effects, meshes, and textures
* Both vehicular and on-foot action

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/23/2007
    • Added: 9/23/2007

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