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Large for 16-38 players
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ONS-Surripere is a large, original Onslaught map set in an cold dawn. Features futuresque buildings, caves, and pits across a large and varied terrain. This is an improved ECE edition of the map.

* Custom music, sound effects, and meshes
* Varied & advanced terrain
* Both indoor and outdoor areas
* Both vehicular and on-foot action
* Multiple routes for attack, defense, and sabotage
* Large sized map to support many players
* Full bot support

ECE Specific changes:
* Increased vehicle count, plus ECE Vehicles (Duh)
* Jump pads added to enable players to navigate the map faster (color coded)
* Better client performace; less emitters, less meshes, more anti-portals
* Better server performace; BSP occlusion, less pickups
* Two new node layouts (4 Total)
* New radar map
* Improved weapon layout & more weapon lockers; more ammo, less spiders, different selection
* Added an aura around the edge of the map; fly close to it and a blue glow will appear (Less chance of; "CRUNCH! F%&K!")
* Minor fixes (e.g. Terrain, more accessible vehicles, turrets)

Older video cards (GeForce MX/Radeon 7000 series being the main offenders) may have trouble with the skybox.

Editors Content Edition add-on required! (A non-ECE version is also availible).

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/6/2005
    • Added: 3/19/2005

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