676:South Philly


Medium for 4-20 players

Map #1 in the 676 Broad St. Bullies VS. The World series. The 676 series was created after I fell in love with the City Night's mods and how it brought mohaa ''out of the box'' with it's modern and total custom makeovers. I decided I wanted a map made of my hometown, Philly. Needed a 'hook', so I intergrated the story from the classic 70s movie "The Warriors" and changed the battle from just one section of New York City to the gang going from urban area to urban area and fighting the local gang there. South Philly is a combination of Philly. From the stores of south street to the modern high rises to the row homes. Run and gun is the law but snipers can get on some of the rooftops, hide behind the billboards and pick their shots. Map comes with custom ambient sound and 6 custom 676 skins specific to this map (3-allied 676 members 3-axis Mob members)

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Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 3/13/2006
    • Added: 3/18/2006

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