Ardennes - Christmas in the Trenches


Medium for 4-24 players
Play Styles

A Cold Winter map.

This map is a snowy, no - mans land. Foxholes and trenches, explosions and bullets. Stay in your foxhole or Charge against enemy positions. Although the little security of foxholes and the risk of getting blown off by deadly artillery fire, theres enough open space to advance in the snowy terrain and gain better position for a clear shot and to help your team to attack and defeat your rival or defend your position against enemy forces.

The original intention of the map is to recreate a real combat situation and scenario similar to the one in the Ardennes during WW2. Heavy artillery fire, extreme weather conditions, and enemy in the opposite trenches or awaiting the forest. However, the real spirit of the map is to have a good time with the moh community and friends playing our favourite game in this time of the season; the christmas season.

Compatible with SH and BT.

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/3/2006
    • Added: 12/23/2010

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