Medium for 1-255 players
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This map is based on the Unreal map Monstermash, in wich you could spawn monsters in a cube and then shoot at them. This version brings that idea to Unreal Tournament, but with much more options. The map is ugly, but thats not the point :)

Basically, there are four big arenas, from wich you can make one giant room by opening the central dividing doors via a switch.

You are god - behind glass and in control rooms, looking out at the poor souls in the rooms. From the control rooms you can squish the monsters (and players) in the center rooms with walls that close and ceilings that crush. There's also the ability to drop the center floor panels in each room which contain a large pit, slime, fire and water. And you even have the ability to generate falling rocks, depressurize the rooms, shoot arrows and defence guns. Of course, you can also just open a window and shoot them yourself :)

This is not intended to be a playable map - it's just for a load of fun!

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Revision History

  • v1.8
    • Released: 12/22/2001
    • Added: 5/16/2003

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