Small for 2-6 players

A Small High poly DM, A lot of ambient and dynamic sounds, and a few other cool sound things, cracking wood and stuff, light could be to dark, however can test that, its just bright enough on my voodoo2

The floorplan is quiet simple, just 4 floors of catwalks above each other, so nice z fraggin, there are 5 lifts in the map, the lifts have spaces in their floors so that people who are under the elevator still could hit the one on the lift with a big weapon like the rl or the flak, the same thing has been done for the body armor, and some floors with spaces in it, also, there are some sound things that warn you, the lifts, water, health vials, the body armor, and some cracking wood. And their is an hole in the wall in the middle, you can use it as an alternative route to get to the other side, on both sides there are 2 bricks sticking out of the wall, they alow you to jump trough the hole if you are standing under the hole

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  • v1.75
    • Released: 8/17/2001
    • Added: 3/22/2003

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