Small for 2-6 players

Compulsive is designed to incorporate a signficant degree of z-axis action in a small DM and Last Man (or Woman) Standing map. It also plays well for 1-on-1 tournaments or 2-on-2 team deathmatch games.

The polygon count runs to 200 in a few places in the map, but most of the time the polygon count stays beneath 170. Any machine with a CPU greater than 400 MHz should run the map smoothly.

I'm sure someone will note the lack of trim geometry on the edges of the platforms. Trim was intentional left out of this map to keep the polygon count within acceptable limits and therefore keep the speed as high as possible, particularly in the central atrium.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 2/2/2001
    • Added: 1/2/2003

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