Game Types
Capture The Flag
Medium for 4-10 players
Play Styles

The intention with this map was to create a symmetrical CTF map where decks provided for multiple paths between the bases but also allowed for 'interaction' between players on the various levels. The layout provides for intense matches requiring team tactics. The bases are quite open and can be accessed on two levels. Midfield battles are common as all paths intersect (on different levels) at the centre of the map.

Antagonism has an industrial theme. A number of decorative details - including some new mesh light props as well as smoke generators- have been included to add to the industrial ambiance of the map. Although the poly count occasionally peaks to 250 polys and so this map should run smoothly on most machines.

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/30/2002
    • Added: 2/9/2003

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