CTF-Disposable Heroes


Game Types
Capture The Flag
Small for 4-12 players

This level was supposed to be the ideal mix between looks and 'online gameplay'. So many levels in UT today are quite ugly and really have no soul, their only purpose is to be a medium for mindless fragging. That's not all gaming is about, and that's not what any gaming level should be about. I sought the advice of forum go-ers at Unreal Playground which are players of levels that many would consider 'bad'. With their help I devised a layout that would be simple and short like so many spam levels, but still accomplish a little task we all call gameplay. I think I was successful.

The sniper tower windows were intentionally left a little high so that snipers couldn't have reign of the entire map view. It also forces them out into the center doorway where they are easier targets to pick off.

There is a DamageAmp, and it is fit perfectly for the jumpboots, make good use of it :)

The other very large part to this level, and actually a very large reason I decided to make this level, was skinning a terrain. Rich Eastwood skinned several for TacOps:Assault on Terror and as I've been working heavily with 3D Studio Max instead of mapping for UT for many months, I decided to try and duplicate the feat and apply some of my new skills.

Most of the textures are curtosy of Tactical Ops and were made by their artists.

The level music sucks. None of the original UT music fits the complex sound system I've set up, it all clashes. The track I chose does so the least I feel. I put the track in there because there are many people who play with music on. Personally I don't and I feel the ambiance of the level is fine without it.

Tags: snow winter

Revision History

  • v1.55
    • Released: 7/16/2002
    • Added: 11/24/2002

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