Game Types
Super CTF
Medium for 4-16 players

Based on the classic Assault map AS-Mothership, this is an all out intergalactic Super Capture the Flag War, with a twist.

This is an update to the previous, more buggy version (which had an incorrect installation procedure for the modified UT2004.ini file).

Note that fighters may now fly into the motherships using any of the main openings (front, side, rear, and top). The planet is now gone and players need only fly between the mothership bases. The whole idea of this gametype/level combo is to allow level designers and mod makers to implement the flying starfighter vehicles in CTF and/or vehicle capture the flag games. The level is a simple adaptation (ripoff) of Mothership with minimal bot support - it is mainly for live players.

Once again, This is a coding hack for the use of the awesome starfighters in your own levels or mods - and should not
Be judged by level design standards, please!

In Super Capture the Flag, the flag-carrier can now enter the Spacefighter and fly around with the flag, and engage in space battles without disrupting gameplay. For instance, when a ship is destroyed and the flag is dropped in space, it can now be flown over by another Spacefighter (same team or enemy team) and thus picked up or returned. Also, multiple flags per team are allowed and will be seen in future sCTF maps.

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 7/13/2005
    • Added: 11/20/2005
  • v1.0
    • Released: 10/21/2004
    • Added: 10/31/2004

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