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Maelstrom, reborn. Maelstrom features 23 intermediate nodes between the two cores. Each node constructs twice as fast as normal nodes, but are destroyed twice as fast as well. This is a special edition of Maelstrom that has no vehicles, and is scaled down 20% in size. ONS-Maelstrom-NV, like its big brother, is vastly different from any other onslaught map ever made. NV takes this one step further, to all-infantry node warfare.

In a word, it's different. I had a lot more polys I could spend on the level due to removing vehicles, so it's certainly a bit nicer on the eyes now. Went through 5 beta stages on Titan, just like its counterpart. Each locker has almost every single gun, including avril and grenade launcher. It makes for an interesting map: fast-building maelstrom nodes in an onslaught match, with TAM-esque PVP combat. This map has extremely fast gameplay - controlling the inner 9 nodes is the key to your team winning.

One of the most common misconceptions I see floating about is that Maelstrom is huge. 23 nodes would usually lead to that conclusion, but since they are modified, they are packed very close together. The number of nodes used in gameplay is proportional to the number of players in the game - this map plays extremely well with few players, as the number of contested nodes shrinks down to the middle. 4v4 matches can be just as fast-paced as 14v14 matches in this respect.

This particular version is about the furthest from a normal game of Onslaught you can have - it should appeal to fans of other gametypes. The node-based gameplay is pretty much all that's left from your usual game of Onslaught, but it is vastly different due to the modified nodes and path layout used. If you hated Onslaught and vowed never to play it again, try this map before you swear it off completely - it's different enough that you just might become a fan.

Note: This map requires the ECE Bonus Pack

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/18/2005
    • Added: 11/20/2005

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