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"Cerro San Tito" is a ancient hill baptized thus for Spanish conquerors in the 15th century created of form natural and far of the urban zone contaminated by the smog, at present it has turned into a tourist place for excursion and rest.

The conditions of the terrain complicates the driving of heavy vehicles, which does more hard your job of conquering the top of this place, you must search in all the corners and hiding places, you will find valuable objects.

The "painter" will be very useful, but alone will be liberated when your team falls down in desperation before an imminent defeat, if you try to take it before Probably do not live to use it.


Cerro San Tito" es un antiguo cerro bautizado así por conquistadores españoles en el siglo XV, creado de forma natural y apartado de la zona urbana contaminada por el smog, se ha transformado en la actualidad en un lugar turístico para excursión y descanso.

Las condiciones del terreno dificultan el manejo de vehículos pesados, lo cual hace más díficil tu labor de conquistar la cima de este lugar, debes buscar en todos los rincones y escondites, encontrarás valiosos objetos.

El "painter" te será muy útil, pero solo será liberado cuando tu equipo caiga en desesperación ante una derrota inminente, si intentas tomarlo antes probablemente no vivas para usarlo.

Please note that this map requires the ECE Bonus Pack.

Changes since v1.0:
* I eliminated a hole in the terrain near of cave with udamage
* Modified scripted trigger and volume trigger for "painter" gun in the blue area. No longer activates kill volume area in same round.

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 1/12/2009
    • Added: 5/11/2009

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