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Medium for 2-12 players
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This map pack includes 5 maps created by other authors with some modifications to bring them back and enhance them visually, I kept the original essence of them without affecting the quality of playability. These are all simple but entertaining maps.

Este pack incluye 5 mapas realizados por otros autores con algunas modificaciones para traerlos de vuelta y algunos hacerlos mas atractivos visualmente, he mantenido la esencia original de ellos realizando la menor cantidad posible de cambios en cuanto a jugabilidad. Mapas sencillos pero divertidos.

Included in the pack:

- BR-Asteroide
This floating island was lost in the space until the Liandri Corporation found it and decided that it would be a good idea to use her as a supply advance post for dropship. A remix of 1337ToastedNewB by [SHARP]3100dyM4rY.

- BR-Baloncesto
The basketball lives in the heights of this stadium that almost touches the sky. A remix of BR-3ToTheHoop created by Circus BT.

- CTF-1on1-Cuevas
The rising of the Sun, the sea breeze, to roar of the waves and mortal perforated precipices are the frantic scenary to fight for obtain the flag. A remix of CTF-OSR-B3TwoSmallCaves by Blito3.

- DM-GerudoValley
Gerudo fortress of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64. The setting is years later after the fortress has been abandoned. There are all the DM weapons in this map, and the classic sniper rifle in the top prison. Credits to original Autor Tidu.

- DOM-1on1-HoleIsland
A small island of the Pacific Ocean near of Rapa Nui island that does not appear in the maps, which turns her into the perfect stage to carry out the most bloody and illegal combats, 2 begin to compete and only one can conquer it, other one is the dominated. A remix of DM-HoleIsland by $ne!k[DT].

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/30/2009
    • Added: 5/12/2009

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