Medium for 6-10 players

A semi-medium sized map set in a medieval castle whose haunting hallways and embattlements will have you cringing with each erie sound. Filled with plenty of triple-axis action, powerups, weapons, ammo, and escape no doubt you will need them.

This project started when a fellow clansman, HTM~Freak, asked if I could fix the problem with players getting hung underneath the large lift making it easy for them to be killed. I emailed the author, James "Axeman" Scott and asked for his permission to do so. He graciously agreed and gave me permission to make any necessary changes. I then decided that while editing the map to look for any other reasons to make any revisions. Along with some minor changes I added over 400 mesh blocking volumes to further enhance the optimization of the map. You will be hard pressed to "see" any of these changes. This revised map remains nearly exactly the same as the original.

Kudos to James "Axeman" Scott for the UT04 remake and of course to Peter "Clay" Nederlof for the UT99 original version of this map. Without their hard work and involvement in the UT mapmaking community none of what I have done would have been possible.

Also a special thanks to HTM~Freak, and all the other beta testers, too numerous to mention, for their time and efforts.

Here is a list of the FE changes:

  • Slightly moved boxes near UDamage, (Bots getting hung behind), added blocking volumes to two access planks on top of boxes.
  • Aligned a few meshes as needed to fit within blocking volumes.
  • Recessed stone corner meshes, I.e. Transition from basement lift to walkway, added a negative brush, textured and aligned, added new blocking volumes, to prevent players hitting their heads in transition and falling through/hanging up, in the lift mesh.
  • Fixed LiftJump capabilities for Bots. TAG (Shock) was inadvertently placed in Events section vs LiftExit section. Bots now lift jump.
  • Added three more LiftExits to lift jump to.
  • Added additional LiftExit to basement lift to enable Bots lift jumping to ledge of walkway.
  • Added path nodes to some shake roof tops.
  • Added over 400 blocking volumes to various meshes.
  • Removed inadvertent, unneeded blocking volume from hallway.
  • Added blocking volumes to all lift pits to prevent player hangups.
  • Added blocking volume to wall of large lift and added new threshold blocking volumes to aid in exit transition.
  • Added blocking volumes to all shake roofs to allow better access. (No slipping off).
  • Adjusted parameters on all effected meshes to false for player and ammo interaction.
  • Added blocking volumes to all individual planks on wooden stairs and bridge. Removed single blocking volumes.
  • Added new blocking volumes to all stair meshes to completely enclose stairs.
  • Removed negative brush archway that was outside of playing area.
  • Added description to Map Preview.
  • Added FE ReadMe.

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 6/18/2011
    • Added: 6/22/2011

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