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"The sins of one cast over the souls of all. The Garden Of Stone was once a lucius garden of life and beauty. Traded for the greedy wishes of one, all the garden was cast in stone and forever hidden until now. Duel in the Garden Of Stone."

The original map is the veritable king on our servers and I revised it at first as merely mapping practice but brought it "out of the closet" when members had a look at it and was assured that the author had granted his permission for the changes. I wholeheartedly appreciate all our members testing and feedback.

Changes from original version:

* Added lower central alleyway accessed by lift, shaft, from main alleyway, and by transporters.
* Added 2 transporters to lower alleyway.
* Added 2 end areas, one with stairway access, other with jump pad access. Both linked to transporters from lower central alleyway.
* Lowered kill zone/ falling volume.
* Added blocking volumes to various tree trunks.
* Added blocking volumes to jump pad bases to prevent "momentary sticking".
* Added sloped blocking volumes to some sides to aid in falling off to kill zone /falling volume.
* Added blocking volume to "stone garden" barrier to prevent "momentary sticking".
* Slightly moved various meshes to prevent character "hang* ups".
* Increased JumpZModifier by .2 on upper jump pad to increase jump height slightly.
* Removed unused mesh stuck in geometry.
* Added uDamage pickup.
* Added Adrenaline pickups.
* Added weapons pickups and ammo to revised areas.
* Various revisions to original geometry to match revised geometry.
* Added lighting, textures, meshes, etc. To match existing environment.
* Added all necessary Bot pathing to revised areas.
* Added "secret" passage and special homage to original author there.
* Changed/Added map preview sequence from original still shot. Original shot is still part of the new sequence.
* Opened top of new lift to allow lift jumping.
* Other various minor revisions.
* Revised ReadMe file.

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Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 1/10/2011
    • Added: 1/11/2011

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