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"Once a mobile facility research of the dark forces, lost in space for a few hundred decades after the great war. Rebuilt and restored, it's now in shape for the new tournament seasons."

Once in a while I throw out a map for Unreal Tournament. This is my latest creation, a 1on1 map, especially designed for fast and furious gameplay. When I came to the point where the map was nearing completion, the editor started to crash frequently on this map. After hours of trying to fix it, I nearl find the problem I decided to gave up on it. Now few months later, I gave it another try and luckly I managed to fix the bug but only temporarly, which aloud me to finally finish the map. I would have liked to add a few more things, but I didnt have the patient to work along with this bug showing up every ittle change I make. I built this map in my spare time over a period of about 12 months, most of the time not working on this map.

Goal of this map was to create a well playing 1on1 map, that suits all playing styles. Visuals where added in a way so it doesnt hurt gameplay and make it a bit less boring, not trying to archive a certain "never seen before" theme or effect. Tho there are a couple custom meshes and textures I made.

Hope you enjoy.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/18/2006
    • Added: 4/21/2006

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