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Medium for 2-4 players
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Fixed, tweaked and improved versions of the three competitivley played 1v1 maps, and two of my own.

All changes by Slainchild, full credit to the original authors.

DM-DE-Ironic-FE by "Checker"
-Lift sounds fixed to play with ambient sounds off.

DM-1on1-Roughinery-FE by "Lehmi"
-Zoned the map again, optimized the framerate further.
-Fixed a BSP error in the wall near flak/health/100a.
-Removed the collision on the inside corner of the 100a corridor. You can shoot combos through there now, as well as walk through it.

DM-Rankin-FE by "Hourences"
-Lift sounds fixed to play with ambient sounds off.
-Collision tweaked above the amp on the inside wall/ledge thing.
-Set puddles to show on low world details.
-Removed all thunder sounds, and some other loud and obtrusive sounds.
-One or two other minor things.

DM-1on1-Backspace-FE by "Slainchild"
-Raised ceiling at the shieldjump end of the 100a corridor.
-Made lighting less distracting.
-Swapped Flak+Bio positions, and moved the bio into the open.
-Removed the healthpack that was near the bio before.
-Moved the two healthpacks that were near the flak, into the corner where the flak used to be.
-Adjusted ammo and playerstarts accordingly.
-Fixed Linux server crash problem.

DM-1on1-Solitude-FE by "Slainchild"
-Moved 100a down to the previous flak area.
-Swapped minigun and rocket launcher with flak and linkgun, moved rocket launcher to previous 100a position.
-Adjusted ammo accordingly.
-Fixed Linux server crash problem.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/30/2005
    • Added: 11/30/2005

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