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Large for 8-18 players
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Long Range

This is the assault map missile_Silo Version 1.1 made by Hyperforce. It took some weeks and now its here !

More Anti-portals added to critical points.
Deleted some stupid underground bushes.
Deleted some more double placed bushes.
Did a rebuild.
Speeded up gameplay :D

Its an assault with custom:

-textures and
-static meshes
-It includes an intro and an outro movie, total bot support (the intro movie contains speech).

An NEG strike force needs to infiltrate there own base that has been taken over by terrorists (hellions) and launch the prototype missile to make sure the hellions can't use it against your own strike forces when they want to take back the base !

-For the other mappers out there this map has a big extra: there are note actors all around the map explaining how the map works. Just open the map with the unreal editor software and check it out. If you want more information about this just read the readme file. The file size is about 16 mb.

Known problems: the first time you play the map some systems might not work (right) but play it another time and they work just fine!

Have fun with it and go frag some unreal but.

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 6/1/2004
    • Added: 6/2/2004
  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/28/2004
    • Added: 5/31/2004

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