Unreal II
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Huge for 12-32 players
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This is outlaw_Towers, its a nuclear/toxic waste disposit island where allmost nothing grows. Because of the toxic waste that leaked in the waters around the Island you'll better don't go swimming here. Now the Nuclear waste has been cooled down from over many years this place is now being used as a power supply.

Now go and battle it out in OUTLAW_TOWERS.

Outlaw_Towers is 10 times better than my former maps. It holds multiple Islands with many stunt spots for the adrineline eaters. 3 energy sources and 3 hackeble extra deploy points as well. Most of the bases are underground but the artifact nodes are on top of the towers that are about 1.5 times higher than the mountain the base is placed in/on. The map containes a radar and a very nice interior (for my doing). So for all XMP Playing ppl here, this map is A LOT better than those 2 I submitted before.

Distribute it as much as you like. Please if you like it rate it ;p

(do not go download this map at my site, I get broadband probems with it)

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Revision History

  • v1.5
    • Released: 3/10/2004
    • Added: 3/15/2004

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