Unreal II
Game Types
Medium for 6-18 players
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This is an XMP map with uneven sides - Blue's ship is hovering in one end as its team makes an assault on the Red base, which nestles in the other end. Before the game begins, the Blue ship drops five teleporters nearby, which form the entry points to the blue base. BeachAssault2 is an attempt to move away from symmetrical maps, which while fair, don't make much of a story. Both the base and the ship have their own generators, but there are two more outside, which are more powerful. Red team have heavy vehicles, while Blues have Raptors, which drop from the ship on demand.

This version of the map is based on the BeachAssault2 that was released on the excellent ALIENPOD XMP MAP PACK, but with small areas around the teleports where it's impossible to place mines. This makes the blue base much easier to get in and out of, making gameplay faster.

To run this on a server you must copy the supplied batchfile to your u2xmp/system directory and run it - it validates the code with the host server. You don't need to run it to play as a client, or to just view it.

Thanks go to ChipV2 from the Atari forum for his code to make ladders, splashy sounds and vehicle movers, and for lots of technical help. The fellow really knows his onions - His site is here. Thanks to fireball for betatesting and enthusiasm, and jolly well done to Cazabon for her vocal talents.

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Revision History

  • Test Version v1.0
    • Released: 5/25/2004
    • Added: 5/28/2004
  • Test Version v1.0b
    • Released: 4/9/2004
    • Added: 4/15/2004

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