Large for 12-20 players
Play Styles

Gohgoran Purification Plant - Welcome to the volcanic world of Gohgoran. Not so long ago it was the site of a horrific alien invasion. The terraformers caught in the invasion made their stand at the processing and purification plant. Each year that final stand is re-enacted at the Gohgoran purification plant. The layout provides for a mix of slow and frantic action.

This is a large map. It is best suited for 12 - 20 players Normal weapons DM/TDM/Invasion/LMS. It is not suitable for Mutant as the size of the map would significantly handycap the mutant. At the higher player loads the map gets a little demanding on the cpu.

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Revision History

  • v3.0
    • Released: 4/30/2003
    • Added: 5/2/2003

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