Keeper of the Dead


Game Types
Capture The Flag
Large for 8-12 players
Play Styles

As the story goes this arena was a gift to the tournament from the Necris. Although absent in the second tournament they have left a standing reminder that they will not be forgotten. Once in the arena competitors are trapped. Only the winning team will be allowed to leave the arena, the losers become a permanent part of the graveyard.

The arena is made up of a graveyard and the catacombs the run under it. The bases are in two large mausoleums at each end of the graveyard.

The intent behind the map was to do something different. There have been plenty of industrial maps and lots of terrain map so I wanted to create something that std out from the pack. The plan for the map began in the UPG halloween 2002 mapping contest. I did not have the ability at the time to build this map so it sat on the shelf until now.

Honorable mentions in the Level category for Phase 1 of the $100 NVidia Make Something Unreal Contest.

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Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 7/11/2003
    • Added: 9/8/2003

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