Lava Fury


Game Types
Capture The Flag
Medium for 8-16 players
Play Styles

This is the latest in the evolution of map I originally created for the ICE IG Clan. The original is called IceFury2 and was the UT2003 sequel to my original UT map of the same name. This is a rebuild of that map with a number of fixes and a major theme change. Of note there were areas high up that were easy to camp with the flag, well those camping spots are now gone. The large open center area now has some limited cover. Enough to help but not enough to ruin it for those snipers out there.

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Revision History

  • v3.0
    • Released: 9/8/2003
    • Added: 9/10/2003
  • v2.1
    • Released: 9/1/2003
    • Added: 9/5/2003

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