The Canal LIB


Medium for 6-32 players

Liberation mode map for MOH:AA!

- When Flying sheep released the deathmatch map "The Canal", it was the most beautiful and natural looking map I( I = Bjarne ) had ever seen. And if that was not enough, it was highly playable and had a unique complex, yet playable, design that brought fierce close combat and sniper action in such a balanced way that I knew it would be the best objective map ever. But an objective map was never released... I wrote Flying Sheep lots of times and got the answer that his brother was working on it. After Flying Sheep released another map callet "The Opera house", they ( Flying Sheep is a two person group) asked if I was still interested. Was I ever. :)

So after a few days of mapping and scripting, I had the objective version I had been waiting for all this time...
But while I was waiting for the final compile, I thought:
- Why not make a MOH:AA Liberation mode map while I'm at it? So I did.

This map is the best liberation map produced by the MOH:AA community. I can say this because I know this to be true.

My heart tells me so.

Have fun!

- The map features: Two prisons: one to put your enemy in, and one to break out your friends from. An elevator to ride in. A bar named after the most exelent of evil undead pirate scum - Le Chuck! Some of the nicest architecture ever seen in a MOH:AA map. No fog at all ( first ever? ). ;-)
- There is one objective: Imprison the opposing force before they imprison your team!

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Revision History

  • Test Version v0.8
    • Released: 2/1/2004
    • Added: 2/2/2004

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