Operation BoomBoom


Game Types
Large for 10-64 players
Play Styles

Hudge but fast map with allied intro, one axis dogs and two objectives to destroy : a radar command computer and a fuel station (enormous explosion n rest fire)...

Features :
-Textures bug fixes
-electrical cable fix
-64 players now
-more "kommand radar" signs
-random fog (each round)
-Dead bodies on the floor
-A sniper tower
-More Realistic Fuel Damage
-4 Roof access near objectives (with team help)
-Some litlle others things

That s all folks...
Now I need to write to some servers with the previous version...
Next Map in one month about, in beta actually...
Good Fr@gs all!

Laurent, www.mohaaboom.fr.st

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Revision History

  • Test Version v1.2
    • Released: 9/27/2003
    • Added: 9/27/2003
  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/21/2003
    • Added: 7/24/2003

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