Community Bonus Pack 3 Volume 3


Medium for 2-16 players
Play Styles

CBP3, or the third Community Bonus Pack, is a high-quality bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 3, with levels created by some of the best UT level designers from around the world. Since CBP1 for Unreal Tournament 2003, the CBP has been known for its professional-quality content that is considered an essential addition to any UT200X install. The team has returned for a third installment that will feature multiple volumes; the third volume has now been released.

The pack features eleven levels (3 DM, 3 VCTF, 2 CTF, 2 DOM, 1 WAR), 1 new gametype (Domination classic), 2 new power pickups (Speed Boots and Concussion Field) and 1 new character (Rankin).

Maps included:

DM-CBP3-Icapacitate by Daniel "Greenloves" Rožanski
DM-CBP3-Cydian by Mario "nELsOn" Marquardt
DM-CBP3-Rothem by Kevin "sklare" Cytatzky
VCTF-CBP3-Artemisa by Daniel 'KaMi' Díaz
VCTF-CBP3-Refuge by Chris "Plutonic" Blundell
VCTF-CBP3-Octopus by Jesús "N3oDoc" Díaz
CTF-CBP3-FullThrottle by Muhammad 'MozI' Ahmed
CTF-CBP3-SacredArt by Oliver "Raz" G
DOM-CBP3-Collision_Course by Chris "Plutonic" Blundell
DOM-CBP3-Enslaved by Cory "Spoondog" Spooner
WAR-CBP3-Industrial by Ben "evilmrfrank" Burkart

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/1/2009
    • Added: 6/3/2009

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