Game Types
Vehicular CTF
Small for 6-16 players

I wanted to make an arena that is approx ArenaOfJolt or Anarchy size but better looking and with more fun things to do. Also I don't know of any Necris arena maps so here we go!

Flags are on lifts, so you can grab and lift-jump quickly from flagcampers. There is a special area with SuperHealth, Boots, Invis, and Nightshade. But the special area is not available until at least 5 min into the match. And even then you can only enter the area after players shoot the gate "eye" with 5,000 damage. For every 1,000 damage there are red light indicators so you know how far along you are.

I expect some crazy and fast paced gameplay with this map. :)

- Map looks good for an arena map
- Map is optimized (culling, reduced lightmaps where needed, collision, etc.)
- Not too big of a file size
- Bots can play it pretty well

This is the FINAL (3.0) version of this map. Map playtested on The Last team VCTF server and tweaked for high energy Arena style VCTF.

Thank You for feedback and comments: .mg., penpen86, L4WG1V3R, Solarsys, FK_nero, dEliCi0us_Win3, LUCKY-HEART, KCoLa, slibe, UT3_Soldier, Ctrl_Alt_Elite2, rokhustar, my8os, ArGoN`, THE LAST TEAM!

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Revision History

  • v3.0
    • Released: 12/5/2012
    • Added: 12/6/2012

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