Community Bonus Pack 3 Volume 2


Medium for 2-16 players

CBP3, or the third Community Bonus Pack, is a high-quality bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 3, with levels created by some of the best UT level designers from around the world. Since CBP1 for Unreal Tournament 2003, the CBP has been known for its professional-quality content that is considered an essential addition to any UT200X install. The team has returned for a third installment that will feature multiple volumes; the second volume has now been released.

The pack features eight levels: 6 CTF, 3 DM & 1 WAR:

CTF-Agonas by Raz and Sjosz
CTF-Arean by KaMi
CTF-The Excavation by Plutonic
CTF-Krodan by Hourences
CTF-Morgoth by Monger
CTF-Vengeance by N3odoc
DM-Decay by Evilmrfrank
DM-Solar by KaMi
DM-Thor by N3odoc
WAR-Meditation by Mozi

...and 2 Characters: War Machine & KaT by iWaNN.

Please visit the CBP3 Website for more information.

It is available as a PC Installer (cbp3_volume2_installer.exe), a PC zip package (, or for PS3 (,, all included with Mapraider mirrors below or at the CBP website's download page.

We hope you enjoy!

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    • Released: 10/9/2008
    • Added: 10/17/2008

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