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An air of mystery surrounds this ons tournament. Your future is uncertain as you have been told only that you must fight to the death with honor or face a most excruciating torture. You have been shanghaied on your way to another tournament. You have no idea of where you are. The man that sits next to you has been chosen as an example of the penalty of failure to fight without honor. What sick game is being played with you as a pawn. For now, you can only do as your told and see what unfolds...

Description: A large map using the far east theme. I tried to incorporate a more deathmatch approach to the ONS gametype, by making nodes more hidden inside structures than just being out in the open, easily taken out by vehicles. Players will have to do more footwork along with solid teamwork to take the final power core. Plenty of areas for head to head fast gameplay, or just roaming the country taking out enemies with tanks and raptors.

Note:This is the Second Edition of ONS-AnHonorableDeath. List of changes over ONS-AnHonorableDeath are as follows.

1)Decreased the max distance for the deco layer, Increased performance considerably.
2)Lowered the poly count by 300.
3)Reduced the brushes by 98.
4)Uncluttered the sky box.
5)Put weapon lockers in the map.
6)Redesigned the 4 corner node bases for better game flow.
7)Added a few more vehicles 8)fixed some stretched textures
9)fixed the holes in the caves.
10)Re-did the bot path network, and tried a few things to make them play better, but they still dont play normally.
11)Added more playerstarts
12)did some terrain tweaking for the raptors by the side bases
13)Overall performance of the map should play better for everybody, including those with slower machines.

Note: This map is for online teamplay, there is bot support, but it isn't that great, so be warned and I hope you enjoy my work.

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 9/4/2004
    • Added: 9/9/2004

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