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Panalesh is an absolutely stunning, epic-sized Onslaught map. It features many varied environments, from lush forests and sweeping valleys to a wide-open lake, ancient caves, and even a volcanic core. All of these are seamlessly molded together into a map that's as much fun to explore as to play.

"As new an inhabitable worlds are discovered at a rate of five a month, a lot have race that live or have lived on them. Panalesh contained a race that is believed to have become extinct only recently and most think this is the work of the infamous Skaarj. This was confirmed when huge quantities of Tarydium deposits were discovered which gives a definite objective for the Skaarj, and Liandri even bought the whole planet. Whilst performing extensive mining on most of the planet and fighting off Skaarj and Izanagi strike forces, this Tarydium induced lake was saved just for the tournament Onslaught matches due to its size. The lake Mynolor site or watcher of the skit, settled amongst the Kreenook spire mountain range was perfect for a large Onslaught map. And seriously tests the combatants team management and cooperation."

When I said I wanted a big Onslought map, I meant, BIG! This has got to be the largest map going from one side to the other I have ever seen. Twice as long as Dria, well over 7000 objects, brilliant. I wanted a large map with more realistically sized mountains and forests. The first concept in this map was the 'Watcher of the Sky' towers. And has since expanded beyond what I had originally hoped for.

The Lake Mynalor is 'Tarydium Induced', not meaning it's made out of Tarydium, but any moisture in the ground is evaporated up to the surface through steam vents. Which, along with two streams fill the lake, whilst weathering has worn away the sides of this crater, and formed two falls that emtpy thousands of mega litres every day.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/14/2004
    • Added: 8/11/2004

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