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Once there lived a wizard good of heart. His castle filled with joy and laughter. Till one day he claimed god's throne for himself and drove his people into agony. Thousands of sacrifices were made to fulfill his lust for power.

After sixty six years of terror his reign ended. With all his might he could not cheat death. At a failed attempt to stop his aging, time itself collapsed ...

Now, fifteen centuries later the source of the wizard's power still remains behind castle walls. The Liandri Corporation utilized this power for the UDamage amplifier used in tournaments. Some followers continue to worship him and believe in his resurrection. When the clock stops ticking god's wrath shall be unleashed upon us, or so they say ...


GodComplex is large in size but contains great variety. The spooky medieval theme is defined by different "rooms"; temple, tomb, graveyard, bridge, river, etc. They all are connected and merged to form a whole.

The recognizable zones of the map and the signs make it easy to navigate your way through. Once you know your way around with the colored teleporters and elevators, you can get to any point in the map pretty fast. There are a lot of different structures with plenty of z-axis action. Blocking volumes and anti portal actors result in a smoother gameplay. Search for secrets, 'cause there is much to be seen. Bots go everywhere and get everything. Since Liandri build on this castle complex, there is a mixed atmosphere throughout the map. Burning fire gives a warm feel in contrast to the cold blue shadows. It's a combination of stone and metal, ancient big forms with fine modern details.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/7/2008
    • Added: 5/6/2009

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