Game Types
Small for 2-6 players

This Battle is not about who can reach the frag limit first. It's about who can survive the longest.

Author's Note:
There are several booby traps in this level. I'll give you a hint for one of them. Use a redeemer missile to hit something above the level.

This network version disabled many features from my original Armageddon map. I was very dissapointed that I had to simplify this map to make it playable online. In this version, the lava doesn't rise/fall, the size of the level (number of bricks) is reduced, the bricks fall rather than explode, no detailed static meshes (stalagmites, meteors, fire, etc...), and the falling bombs are halved in duration. I do hope that I'll make another version with these features and it is still playable online.

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Revision History

  • v1.2
    • Released: 6/28/2007
    • Added: 12/27/2007

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