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You're probably looking at this wondering what in the hell DS means... Well, DS is 'Different Style' abreviated. I was looking at this great Halo map and I knew many things could be done. So with everything in mind I created this multi-themed version of HangEmHigh.

The setting is a lot more conforting and easy on the eyes. All textures are detailed and aligned perfectly. Changed some lighting, moved a couple things around, and also I added a little more flow to the map.

You should really check this out. It's very professional. Special props to the origional author. This level was without music when I started so I've added some good music that I thought has a Halo-feel to it. There are 12 textures from a custom pack. I'm slightly embarassed to say that I spent over 3 hours just doing textures. I really took my time with it. Anyway, I'm no noob to mapping... I've made about 12 maps before this. Thankyou.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/29/2007
    • Added: 7/4/2007

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