Medium for 2-4 players
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The successor to DM-LKS_TrainingGrounds, this map can help beginners to practice their aiming, shock combos and jumping skills. A demo is included in the package. The visuals aren't great, but that is not what the map is about. Use it in your clan or with your friends to improve your UT2004 gaming skills.

It includes three arenas, one for jump training, one for shock combo training and one for aiming training. Especially the jumping arena is helpful if you have not mastered all the jumps yet. Use the signs to know where a certain jump starts.

For the shock combos, make sure you are moving while doing them, using lift jumps and the jump pad. A good way to practice them is playing invasion.

Originally made for the Fun 'n' Games Community. Feel free to use it for your own practices. If you make any modifications and re-release the map with your changes, please make a reference to the original map and author.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/13/2004
    • Added: 2/6/2007

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