Medium for 4-6 players
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Ever since the Skaarj wars began, this fluid processing plant has been slowly decaying in the frigid mountains where it rests. Now Liandri has revived this atrophied husk to serve as it's new mass deathmatch arena, comfortably holding in excess of twenty players. If you're lucky, it will be your foe's rockets that take you down and not the biting cold.

This map was originally supposed to be a competetive 4v4 map... But I let things get a little bit out of hand and ended up with a map suitable for 6v6 TDM... Or any other large number of players. I was going to abandon this map but I figured I might as well see if anyone likes it.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 8/26/2005
    • Added: 8/26/2005

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