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Large for 6-10 players
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The trees gently sway in the breeze. The lanterns and their shadows slowly swing. The fireflies are out and the leaves are falling. What path will you follow in this Xanadu dream? Glory, or the gentle rocking of your dead body in the stream?

A medium/large DM map. Weapons may be hard toi find at first but if you give the map a chance, layout memorization comes easy and learning the layout will greatly enhance your experience. This map is eyecandy > gameplay. I realized this well after development started so I had to make a choice to almost start from scratch or continue on. I chose to continue on. The framerates are certainly not retail-quality but turning world detail down will help. There's some good gameplay up on the roof. Please pay attention to all the moving parts - the falling leaves, the swaying lanterns, the moving shadows from the lanterns, the swaying doors, and the lightning bugs. I hope you enjoy.

147 movers
300 emitters
722 Blocking Volumes
2363 static meshes
Custom meshes
Custom textures
Custom music

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/25/2005
    • Added: 4/24/2005

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