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In the outskirts of Mexico City that is now known as the City of the Worlds has made a little room for the most famous of all sports in the universe known as Linadri Trounaments. In hopes of the Mexican government to keep people from dying from starvation and the quick depletion of water resources globally they decided to make the Tel Meco Mex water treatment and conservation plant. This plant has given the last hope to the people of Earth after the famous Skaarj wars left the Earth in famine and completely and utter disorder. Other countries lined up behind Mexico to combat the aftermath when the idea of the TEl Meco Mex water treatment and conservation plant was constructed. Mexico is not the wealthiest of nations anymore, but every nation on Earth is thankful for the helping hand MExico has given them and its people. These Tel Meco MEx plants only work at half capacity currently. As a part of history in the rejuvenation of the world Mexico's governemtn has become affiliated with the Liandri to open up a small sectino for battles to the Death, to entertain the people of the City of the Worlds.

A tech old school... When I mean old school I mean Quake to Quake2 style dm map. This is the same version as was included in the CBP2. Has a big bsp error same as the one with CBP2. WIll fix later and upload as another name plus fix other things.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/20/2004
    • Added: 8/10/2004

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