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It started with a theme. Well, not even that much, it started with just the idea of one scene. Secluded in a jungle, when you come up a hill to look over it and see the ocean horizon. From that I built the idea for the level. It's a pretty simple map, with an outdoor jungle and beach and an indoor cave with ruins. At first it was just the beach and jungle, but I scrapped that incarnation of the map and made what you see here. I didn't want to add any ruins at first, but I needed to spice up the map with some Z-Axis action, so I caved in and decided to add some ruins.

Other than that there really isn't too much to say about this map. It looks pretty and I dig the weapon placement. It's kind of like my earlier map Pressure Point with the indoor / outdoor mix, but this is done tighter and the theme is more cohesive. Enjoy.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/12/2004
    • Added: 8/3/2004

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