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This is a conversion of Lord Simeon's DM-Seasons. I have edited bot AI and rearranged some of his item placement. The map took about 3 hours of work. I'm fairly happy with the result. The bots work fine, in some cases better then before. I've included the original readme files contents for any one who is curious.

My 2nd map, this would not exist if it weren't for the kind comments on my first map. To those people who asked me to make more maps: this is the result. The map is not as frantic as my last map "CTF4-Lucius" but it still is fast and fun to play. I have done an overhaul on the bots for this map. I think they are actually smarter then before. As with my last map, the story relates to real life events - in an indirect way. The story is in the map description when you go to instant action.

For anyone who doesn't know what the 4 is there for (teh pun, lol), it IS meant to be there. The map requires the CTF4 mod to play. For those who don't know what it is I'll briefly explain. It's CTF but with 4 teams, an excellent mod. The original UT version had many maps made for it. If you don't already have it then I tell you now GET IT. If you need more persuasion: The mod comes with a 4-team, 4-tower, 4-flag version of ctf-face. That HAS to have you drooling.

NOTE: Requires the CTF4 mod to play

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/7/2007
    • Added: 9/10/2007

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