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The oryginal concept was suposed to feature chumbers with human space suits in them, like if they where kept prisoners in this alien place. And you wake up and suit-up into UT costumes and fight for your life :D

Scafander is mutated word from the russian word Skafandr which is a spacesuit :) [probably came from other language]. I think its a good name for it allthought it does not have any direct connection.

Scafandar has a few nice features that I think not every ut2k4 official and non-official map has: it has simple and memorable layout. There is support for 20 players and it is not overdetailed so you can see your enemies quite fine. It's quite optimized abd it has many paths, especially for translocator lovers - it's almost as fun and tricky as CTF-FACE.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/27/2004
    • Added: 6/29/2004

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