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Capture The Flag
Huge for 10-32 players
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We designed Glacier with T2 Harvester in mind. Both rape and cluster / chain grab strats could prove effective. It's also the largest map currently in T:V with a flag to flag distance of over 800 meters, and base to base at about 1100.

Map highlights:

- Flag is about 450 from the main spawn, but is offset by a 200 meter verticle drop to get there quickly.
- Main spawn point has 4 turrets, 2 deployable invs, a deployable repairer, and a 4 person walk-up inventory.
- VP spawn houses 2 turrets, a deployable repairer, a deployable inventory, a Rover, and a pair of 3 person walk-up inventories.
- Self powered, grated cave at both flags that house 2 mines and a catapult pad.
- Gen powered, grated bunker in both gen rooms, housing 2 mines and 2 turrets.
- Rover is currently the only vehicle. !@#$% pods! (but might impliment one for balancing issues)
- Gen powered AA turret at each flag. Hope this helps the flag D a bit.
- Gen powered Chaingun turret in front of the VP.
- Two ways in to both bases. Both through the VP, and through a ventilation shaft off to the side of the VP.
- Two ways in to both generator rooms, both from the base's main hallway.
- Repair pack in the lower base, located between the VP and the gens. (we wanted HO to be rewarded for cracking through tough, farmed, base D)
- Repair pack in top spawn area.

When you are playing please note that we did not design this map for pub play. We would be happy to release a more pub friendly version (more repair packs) later.

It's just beta as of now so please give feedback on how 10 man comp would play, if in fact another repair pack is needed even for comp play, skiing, turret shortage / overages, balancing, bugs, fps issues, and so fourth.



Anchorage - concept and initial design, terrain, structure
Phaytal - base pimping, polishing (static mesh master) and balancing


~20.1 megs

Tags: None

Revision History

  • Test Version v0.2
    • Released: 10/31/2004
    • Added: 11/1/2004

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